Carlos Garre del Olmo Teaching Courses and Certifications

Teaching Courses and Certifications

In the spanish University system, you need a certification to obtain a professor position. These certifications are issued by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA). There exist different levels of certification, and obtaining each certification is an important step in the career of every researcher and teacher dreaming with becoming a full professor.
Having the appropriate certification is the main requirement for having a permanent position at the University. This makes sense, since one mandatory requirement for obtaining the certification is having a PhD and one of the most important scores in the scale for certifications depends on your teaching experience. Teaching experience you said? I thought you were supposed to have a certification to teach... isnt't it a chicken or egg dilemma? Actually, there exists a plethora of pre-certification scholarships allowing you to teach at University, somewhat like a Teaching Assistant. Obtaining one (or more) of these scholarships is your only way to enter into the wheel of teaching and to start struggling to get your first certification.
Although having a certification means that you have teaching experience, I strongly believe that this is not enough to become a good professor. I believe that you need to learn how to teach not only by experience but also by attending to courses about different teaching topics, or attending to teaching conferences. In other words, you need to keep learning how to improve your teaching skills from your teaching colleagues, which may have more/other experience or different points of view you did not considered before.
In this section you can find the ANECA certifications I do have and the teaching courses I have attended.

Professor Certifications

Profesor Contratado Doctor.

Equivalent to: Associate Professor

Description: This position allows you to get a permanent associate professor position in any public spanish University.

Profesor Ayudante Doctor.

Equivalent to: Assistant Professor

Description: This position allows you to get an assistant professor position in any public spanish University.

The maximum duration of these positions is 4 years.

This certification is no longer needed if you have a Profesor Contratado Doctor certification.

Profesor de Universidad Privada.

Equivalent to:Private University Professor

Description: This position allows you to get a professor position in any private spanish University.

Private Universities may require other certifications, such as Profesor Contratado Doctor depending on the position, or at least consider them as a score for choosing candidates.

Teaching Courses

Aprendizaje Basado en Problemas (ABP/PBL) y Otras Metodologías de Aprendizaje Inductivo en la Enseñanza Universitaria.

Problem Based Learning and other Inductive Learning Methodologies

Duration: 30 hours.

Plataforma E-Learning de la URJC: Uso Avanzado.

Advanced Course on E-Learning Platforms

Duration: 15 hours.

Aspectos Prácticos del uso del E-Learning en la URJC.

Practical usage of E-Learning Platforms

Duration: 15 hours.

Curso Básico de WebCT.

Introduction to WebCT

Duration: 4 hours.