Carlos Garre del Olmo Open Source Releases

Open Source Releases

As part of my research work, I have collaborated in the creation and manteinance of some open source software releases.

HOM3R: A 3D Viewer for Complex Hierarchical Product Models.

A novel 3D viewer designed to manage complex industrial product models. The viewer introduces a novel navigation metaphor to address the challenges of occlusion management, navigation, selection and linking information to 3D geometry.
HOM3R is designed to work in a web browser. Its architecture intends to simplify its integration into any web-based application while ensuring compatibility with most web browsers.The viewer includes a JavaScript API to interface with existing or new browser-based applications.

HOM3R Website (Download and information) Try HOM3R online Release publication

3D Tune-In Toolkit.

First public release coming soon!

The 3D Tune-In Toolkit is a standard C++ library for audio spatialization and simulation of hearing loss and hearing aids. The toolkit offers great flexibility by enabling the applications to use multiple configurations according to their needs. The library is currently being implemented and is planned to be partially released as open source for non-commercial use in spring 2017, full release at the beginning of 2018. The 3D Tune-In Toolkit supports two different setups: a simple pair of headphones using binaural sound and a set of speakers using Ambisonic encoding and decoding.

3DTi Toolkit Website (Download and information) Listen to the Toolkit in action