Carlos Garre del Olmo Awards

Other Research Experience


Best Student Paper Award

Conference: World Haptics Conference, 2011.

Paper: Interactive Simulation of a Deformable Hand for Haptic Rendering.

Authors: Carlos Garre, Fernando Hernandez, Antonio Gracia, Miguel A. Otaduy

Date: June 2011.

Also finalist for Best Paper Award.

Premio del Consejo Social para Jovenes Investigadores.

(Award of the Social Council for Young Researchers)

Center: University Rey Juan Carlos.

Title: Diseño e implementación de una interfaz multimodal para personas invidentes orientada al aprendizaje de circuitos eléctricos. (Development of a Multimodal Interface for Teaching Electronics to Visually Impaired Students)

Student: Sara Aliendre Boga

Advisors: Laura Raya, Carlos Garre.

Date: June 2012.

This award is granted to the best bachelor thesis in the field of Computer Science, implying new research results.

Groups and Associations

IDIM, Investigacion y Desarrollo de la Informatica Musical

(IDIM, Research and Development of Computer Music)

For 5 years (1998-2002) I was president of this student's association at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Technic University of Madrid).
Some activities I lead:

  • Software projects: Cantor Synth (fractal sound synthesizer), IDIMIDI Linux Monitor.
  • Hardware projects: MIDI-Thru box, Universal MIDI Controller, Laser Drums (unfinished project).
  • Courses: Substractive sound synthesis (organizer and lecturer), Introduction to computer music (organizer and lecturer), Composition with trackers (organizer).
  • Contests: Five editions of the MID-MOD computer music contest.
  • Promotion: Local FM radio channel, seminars, parties, ...


I was co-founder of the first Professional Chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH in Spain. Some activities I was involved in:

  • SIGMAD Animation Festival: International animation contest.
  • SCA 2010: Organization of the 2010 ACM SIGGRAPH/EuroGraphics Symposium on Computer Animation.
  • Promotion: Seminars, Newsletter, ...