Carlos Garre del Olmo Demos and Exhibitions

Demos and Exhibitions

Here I show Hands-on-Demos and exhibitions of my research that I have presented in international conferences or public exhibitions.

3D Audio Workshop - 3D Tune-In: 3D Audio and VR

Euro VR Conference.

Graz (Austria), 2017.

Within this workshop, after a brief tutorial on the fundamentals of binaural 3D audio, the 3D audio renderer of the 3D Tune-In Toolkit was presented, described and demonstrated, including an overview of the C++ code and a wrapper for Unity. This was followed by an open discussion about 3D audio and Virtual Reality. Attendees tried the 3D Tune-In test application which demonstrates its features.

The 3D Tune-In Toolkit: Open-source C++ library for audio spatialization and simulation of hearing loss and hearing aids

The 4th Interantional Conference on Spatial Audio (ICSA).

Graz (Austria), 2017.

Invited talk about the 3D Tune-In Toolkit, by Lorenzo Picinali.

Transparent haptic interaction with phisically complex tools.

Joint Virtual Reality Conference (JVRC).

Madrid (Spain), 2012.

Practical demonstration of our HSL technique for haptic rendering of deformable tools.

Public Exhibition of Virtual Reality and Haptic Technology.


Madrid (Spain), 2010.

Various demonstrations of haptics technology:

  • Virtual turntable: Basic demonstration of haptic technology using a 3rd party free demo.
  • The rubber letters: Demonstration of our HSL method for haptic rendering of deformable tools.
  • The labyrinth: Demonstration of velocity-based haptic navigation through a large labyrinth.

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Augmented Touch without Visual Obtrusion.

Ibersim Conference.

Mostoles (Spain), 2009.

Two demos presented:

  • Augmented Touch without Visual Obtrusion: demonstration of the hidden-visuo-haptic mixed reality methods published in ISMAR 2009.
  • Transparent Tool Contact with Deformable Environments: demonstration of 6DOF haptic rendering.

Transparent haptic interaction with phisically complex tools.

EuroHaptics Conference.

Madrid (Spain), 2008.

Demonstration of 6DOF haptic rendering.

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