Hi and welcome to my website!
My name is Carlos Garre, currently an Assistant Professor at University Carlos III (Madrid, Spain).

I graduated in Computer Science in 2006 at Technic University of Madrid (UPM), while working for several companies during the dot-com boom.
Then, I started my PhD at University Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid), with a contract as teaching assistant and researcher, under the supervision of Prof. Miguel A. Otaduy.
In November 2012 I started working at University of Calabria (Italy) for a 18 months FP7 Marie Curie Experienced Researcher grant. In October 2014 I defended my PhD thesis, obtaining the Cum Laude calification, with spetial mention Doctor Europeus.
In December 2014, I started a Post-Doc at University of Malaga working in european FP7 and H2020 projects.
From January 2018, I have an Assistant Professor position at the Electronic Technology Department of University Carlos III (Madrid).

My main research topics are: Audio spatialization and processing, Physical simulation, Haptic rendering and 3D Interaction and visualization.


My Curriculum Vitae

Professional Experience

My main occupations are research and teaching, but I have worked in other fields in the past.

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I have coauthored a total of 17 research papers and participated in many projects with european, national and private funds.

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I am currently Assistant Professor and I was also Teaching Assistant for 6 years.

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I have a PhD and BsC in Computer Science, complemented with many technical courses and international stays.

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