Carlos Garre del Olmo About me

Who am I

Hi all! I am Carlos Garre del Olmo, currently an Assistant Professor at University Carlos III (Madrid, Spain). In this section you can read something about my personal interests to know a little bit more about who am I, beyond the boring curriculum vitae.


Here you will find some information about the things I like to do with my spare time


I started windsurfing when I was 15 years old, when I was too old to keep sailing in my Optimist.
After many months of persistent attempts, I finally was able to hook the harness and put my feet on the footstraps, and in that moment my life changed forever.
Rather than trying to be an expert of one single windsurfing category, I prefer to have basic knowledge of most categories, so that I can say that I practice at least 4 completely different sports. From long distance planing with low wind in extreme courses (formula), to extreme speed competitions with friends (slalom), to spend one whole evening of wipe-outs trying a new trick (freestyle), to surfing and jumping and trying to survive in small waves (wave).
I usually donĀ“t participate in windsurfing races, but I was 1st in 2008 at Spanish Inland Windsurfing Competition (Circuito Nacional de Aguas Interiores) for the Open class, and second in 2009. My home spot is Mar Menor, and I am a proud and happy member of Club de Windsurf Mar Menor.
This is the equipment I have now in use:

  • 5 boards: JP Real World Wave 82l, F2 Air 260 95l, Starboard S-Type 115l, RRD X-Fire 120l, StarBoard Formula 162l.
  • 7 sails: North Ego 3.7, North Instinct 4.2, NeilPryde Core 5.0, North Duke 5.9 , North Ram F8 7.3, NeilPryde RX1 9.3, Severne Code:Red 11.0.


I love all type of boardgames and I spend a lot of my spare time playing and sometimes designing my own games.
My favourite game designer is, without any doubt, Vlaada Chvatil.
I have 220 games in my current collection (at the moment of the last update of this website).
If you want to make me a present, you don't need to think too much. Just take a look at my whishlist. ;)

Electronic music

Since I was I child I always loved music. I started playing violin, then guitar, then drums and finally synthesizers.
In 1995 I published my first web site (unfortunately no longer online), about the Yamaha SY35 music synthesizer, and soon it became the most visited site on Internet about this synth.
This is the equipment I currently have in my home studio:

  • Synthesizers: Yamaha SY35, Korg Z1, Novation Nova, Yamaha Motif Rack and Roland JD800.
  • Samplers: Akai s6000.
  • Groovebox: Yamaha RM1X.
  • Other hardware: Emagic Unitor 8, Doepfer Pocket Control, Boss BX16, EMU 0404, EMU 2x2.
  • Software: a lot... Cubase as main sequencer

Other hobbies

I also like:

  • Comics: Neil Gaiman, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius are my favourite authors.
  • Beer: I have a collection of ~700 (or so) different beer labels, and I have also brewed my own beer.
  • Transformers toys: I have a collection of more than 70 figures.
  • Reading: science-fiction, fantasy, classics, science divulgation.
  • Other sports: Snowboarding, Kayak riding, Karate, Kung-Fu.
  • Many other things: astronomy, origami, miniature painting...
I really can't find time to be bored. :)

Personal projects

I have always many personal projects in mind. These are things that I do only for having fun and for learning new things, and I am not used to share anything in social networks, forums and so on, as most people do.
Maybe some day I will publish here or anywhere else some of my projects, but currently I can only write a few words about some of these projects. Please, let me know if you want to know more about any of them and I will gladly give you all the details.
All the projects mentioned here are 100% my own creations. I won't mention anything about projects I did following other's designs or instructions.

Past projects: Current projects (althought I don't have too much time for them):