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Learning Contact Corrections for Handle-Based Subspace Dynamics

Cristian Romero, Dan Casas, Jesus Perez, Miguel A. Otaduy
ACM Trans. on Graphics (Proc. of ACM SIGGRAPH), Volume 40, Number 4 - 2021
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This paper introduces a novel subspace method for the simulation of dynamic deformations. The method augments existing linear handle-based subspace formulations with nonlinear learning-based corrections parameterized by the same subspace. Together, they produce a compact nonlinear model that combines the fast dynamics and overall contact-based interaction of subspace methods, with the highly detailed deformations of learning-based methods. We propose a formulation of the model with nonlinear corrections applied on the local undeformed setting, and decoupling internal and external contact-driven corrections. We define a simple mapping of these corrections to the global setting, an efficient implementation for dynamic simulation, and a training pipeline to generate examples that efficiently cover the interaction space. Altogether, the method achieves unprecedented combination of speed and contact-driven deformation detail.

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